Medical and psychological support

Medicina solidale - Supportive medicine

Medical online counseling service for those who need medical consultation and are in difficulty, economic destitution, …

National fund for the psychological support for Covid-19

Soleterre gained a direct experience in the Covid-19 emergency thanks to a team of 14 psychologists, who granted …

Psychological support - Coronavirus emergency ASL AL

From Wednesday November 11th the help desk of psychological support Coronavirus emergency 3664309876 is supporting …

Ricerca volontari Covid 19 Alessandria

Last updates

Decree law of September 21st 2021 n. 127

Published in GU (official gazette) n. 226 of September 21st 2021, decree law of September 21st 2021 n. 127

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Preaccessions for the vaccintation

You can preaccess the vaccination through this link

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Coronavirus - return to Italy from abroad: operative instructions

Useful information and documents from the Piedmont region, for returning from abroad

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Pre-accession for people aged between 45 and 49

Are you aged between 45 and 49? From today May 17th you can pre-access vaccination through this link

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Pre-accessions for people aged between 55 and 59

Are you aged between 55 and 59?
From today May 5th you can pre-access to vaccination through the portal: just follow …

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Corporate vaccination hotspots

All productive companies in Piedmont can show their interest for directly vaccinating their employees, with the option …

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Decree law of April 22th 2021 n.52

Published in GU (official gazette) n. 96 of April 22th 2021, decree law of April 22th 2021 n. 52

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Work site for unemployed older than 45

Project: Conservative intervention on the literary heritage of the municipal library Francesca Calvo.
Addressees: …

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Pre-accession for people between 60 and 69 years old

Are you aged between 60 and 69? From today April 8th you can communicate your pre-accession to vaccination through this …

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